Tips and Tricks for Smartphone Users

I wrote these helpful articles for smartphone users. You will find a ton of useful tips and tricks on how to operate the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and other types of popular smartphones that are on the market today. My easy to follow instructions will help you troubleshoot and solve your smartphone problems and get your device functioning properly again.

How To Change the Battery On an Apple iPhone
There may be times when you will need to replace a non-functioning battery on your iPhone. The first thing that you will need to do is open your iPhone's case and use a soldering iron to detach the battery.

How To Back Up the Photos on Your BlackBerry Smartphone
Various methods can be used to back up the photos on your BlackBerry smartphone. For example, you can either use an online photo backup service to store your BlackBerry photos, or a Photo Email application that instantly sends the photos on your BlackBerry to your email account.

How To You Can Get Free VoIP On Your Mobile Phone
If you want to get free VoIP on your mobile phone, many services require that you install their calling software to make calls over the Internet. You will be able to talk free and send instant messages to anyone that has the same VoIP software installed on their mobile phone, too.

How To Bypass the Network Lock on Your Mobile Phone
If you often travel internationally and want to know how to bypass the network lock on your mobile phone, we'll show you how to use the "SIM PIG" to bypass network locks. You will be able to use any SIM card from any network on your mobile phone.

How To Block Unwanted Calls On An HTC Hero Smartphone
The best way to block unwanted calls on your HTC Hero smartphone is by using third-party call blocking applications that are designed to block calls on your phone. There are various types of call blocking applications for the HTC Hero smartphone on the Web.

How To Back Up Your Contacts On An iPhone
Various methods can be used to back up the contacts an Apple iPhone. For instance, you can use iTunes to perform the task and export all of your iPhone contacts information as a CSV file in Windows 7. Then, use Microsoft Excel to open the file on your personal computer.

How To Block Advertisements On an Android
When you want to block annoying popup ads on your Android smartphone, use an ad-blocker application like AndGuard Pro, AdBlocker and AdAway. Many ad-blocker applications will automatically block embedded advertisements from Android apps and games from your phone.

How To Backup All Your Settings on Android
When you want to backup all of the settings on your Android, choose a third-party application that will backup and restore the data on your mobile smartphone. Third-party applications like MyBackup Pro, Titanium Backup and SMS Backup can be used to backup your information on their online servers, or an SD card.

How to Add Applications to the Folders on Your Android
It's very easy to create folders on your Android phone when you want to keep your applications well organized. First, determine which applications you want to add to a new folder. Next, drag and drop your applications inside the folder.

How To Keep Files Private On Your Android Mobile Phone
When you want to keep files private on your Android mobile phone, use a third-party privacy protecting application. You can find various types of privacy protecting applications on Android Market that will hide your photos, videos, audio files and applications.

How to Automatically Connect Android to WiFi
There are several third-party applications available that will automatically enable WiFi when your Android phone is near a wireless access point. You can find all types of auto connect WiFi applications on Android Market that you can use for free or pay a small fee.

How to Autostart Android Applications
You can use all kinds of autostart management applications that are available on Android Market to automatically start up your applications when you boot up your Android mobile phone.