I enjoy writing articles about the latest computer technology, hardware, software, mobile devices, troubleshooting and solving computer repair problems. We all know, nothing feels worst than when you're ready to work on a project and suddenly your rig stops working.

For a few moments you stare at your computer screen with disbelief. Then, you start banging on the keyboard hoping that it will spring back to life. But, your old faithful friend isn't responding and you start to panic. Deadlines for your projects are due soon, and you don't have a clue what's causing the problem.

Well, you can find a collection of helpful tutorials on my website that will teach you how to fix computers, laptops and wireless mobile devices. Simply, follow the DIY step-by-step instructions to learn how to troubleshoot your computer and mobile devices to get them working properly again.

Disclosure: Occasionally, I generate ad income by accepting advertiser's offers to post their ads and links on my blog. I also write product reviews to inform consumers about the latest developments in computer technology. In some cases, I am paid or not to write these types of articles. However, my overall goal is to educate readers, when they need answers fast to technical problems that they may be experiencing with their computers and mobile devices.