Sunday, October 16, 2016

5 Cloud-Free Android Apps You Should Be Using for Easy File Transfers

If you don't want to deal with transferring your personal data via Cloud storage, then check out these 5 Cloud-free apps that you can use to share your files. Fortunately, you have several options available that you can choose from. So, instead of trying to use old file transfer methods, like using USB cables to connect to a PC, and then trying to figure how to exchange your files between two mobile devices, test run these apps instead. Then choose one that you feel comfortable using to share your files with your friends, family and co-workers.

Zapya - users can now say, "Goodbye Bluetooth" because this app shares files locally, using wireless networks to connect devices. Receiving and sending files is really fast too. When you use the app over a smartphone, you're able send/receive several MB per second. However, both your devices must have the app installed, and connected to the same wireless network. The app also has three main screens. Play Game, Send File and View History. When a connection is established, users can exchange messages, files and apps easily. You can also use the app over iOS and Windows devices too.

4 Share Apps - enables you to share or receive files between Android devices. You can send unlimited file sizes, regardless of the type of file you want to transfer and share. The app allows you to easily copy, move, rename, delete, upload and download any files from your account. Simply, create a user account at on your smartphone or tablet. Then, go ahead and send your photos, videos, music, installed apps and other file types to anyone, whenever and wherever you are.

Xender - this app works across any platform and not just Android. Simply, scan a QR code to establish a connection on another mobile device Or open the provided URL to connect via the projected hotspot. After you establish a connection between multiple devices, you can send files with a tap.

BitTorrent Shoot - allows you to share and send your files quickly from one mobile device to another. When you select the files that you want to share, the app displays a QR code that you can scan using another device to receive the file. This initiates a peer-to-peer data transfer, which lets you send big files without uploading them to the Interne.

SuperBeam - is another app that allows you to send files using QR codes.  You also have the option to tap two devices together to connect via NFC. The Pro version allows you to manually share a key. Both methods enables you to share your files using a Wi-Fi Direct connection.

You can download all of the aforementioned apps from the Google Play Store free. However, you must have a Gmail account set up, before you can download the apps on your smartphone or tablet.

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