Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Oink, Oink" - Stop Throwing Your Money Away and Use the Receipt Hog App

Since, I started using cash back rewards apps, I never throw away receipts from my everyday purchases. But let me warn you, using cash back rewards apps can be addictive. Just the other day, I saw my significant other carelessly throw a grocery store receipt in the trash bin. After I witnessed this atrocity, I clutched my chest and began yelling, "What Are You Doing?" Let me tell you, the pain in my chest began to intensify, right before I sprinted over to the trash bin to fish out the grocery store receipt. My significant other shook her head and walked past me, muttering the words "Oink, Oink." I glared at her while I searched for the receipt and then all of a sudden, we both started laughing.

Whew! - That was a close one. Like I said, cash back rewards apps can be addictive. When I discovered the Receipt Hog app at the Google Play Store, I started collecting receipts from my everyday purchases to earn coins and cash back. The Receipt Hog app is easy to use and entertaining too. Here's how the cash back rewards apps works. Simply, take pictures of your grocery and convienent stores receipts. Each receipt that you upload helps you earn coins. You can redeem your coins for real cash via PayPal or use them to purchase Amazon gift cards.

The Receipt Hog app allows you to scan and upload your receipts within a 14-day period. So, keep an eye on the dates that you see printed on your receipts. Make certain your receipts images are clear and shows the dates. Otherwise, blurry images won't be accepted by Receipt Hog. You can scan up to 20 receipts per week, Monday through Saturday.  Also, before you start shopping, keep in mind that Receipt Hog only accepts three receipts from the same store with the same date.

To learn more about Receipt Hog visit their website, and be sure to download the app from the homepage.

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