Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How To Send A 12-Second Voice Message Free To All Your Friends With Cord

Here's an innovative way that smart phone users can send short and simple voice messages to all their friends and family. To get started, download the Cord voice messaging app on your smart phone. Users will be able to chat with one friend or shout to a whole group of friends at the same time. The new Cord app even allows users to save messages that they want to keep, and non-saved messages will simply disappear.

I think this is a new and exciting way that people can talk on their phones again. Cord was originally designed to work with Android and iOS devices. However, Cord Project Inc. is hard at work building the app for as many platforms as they can. If you are wondering how to send a voice message using Cord, this is how the app works:

To record a new message, press and hold the mic button on the bottom of your screen. After you finishing recording, you can select one or more contacts to send the message to. You can also preview your message before you send it by tapping your profile pic at the top of the contact select screen.

When you’re ready to send, tap the arrow on the top right of your screen. To reply to any message, just press and hold on that message to start recording instantly. When you release your finger, your message will be sent. Tap, don’t hold, on any message to play it.

You can download the Cord app from Google Play free. Give it a test run and if you like the new app, be sure to spread the word about it to all your friends.

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