Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do You Think Owning an Apple Watch Is a Fashion Statement?

If you have been keeping up with the news lately, you may have heard several newscasters talking about the new Apple Watch and what is supposed to do. Well, to set the record straight, Apple hosted a private event in September 2014 at Colette and invited guests to try on and wear the new Apple Watch. However, a spokesman for Colette was unable to provide comments on whether or not they would make the watch available to consumers at their store.

Major retailers such as Macy's, Saks 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, and Barney's haven't made any immediate plans to carry the watch. And, you might also want to know that Target, Nordstrom and several major phone carriers, have declined to provide comments about what their plans are for the Apple Watch. Which keeps a lot of consumers wondering what is the "BIG" secret about the watch, as well as what can it do?

Reasons Why You Should Think About Investing In Wearable Technology

Well first of all, if you can afford to spend $350 or more for a new tech gadget like the Apple Watch, then you can expect a real treat. Apple's new watch has more features than many of its rivals, like the Samsung Gear watches, which by the way are seeking seeking very poorly on the market today. The Apple Watch apps are capable of downloading emails, handling text messages and calls.

It will also update users with the latest headlines, and provide Facebook updates. It even has a heart rate monitor and alerts the wearer to notifications when they tap on the wristband. Siri and Apple Pay is included as a standard. And, there are plans in the works, that will allow its wearer to use the watch as a key to unlock hotel room doors and cars. The Apple Watch release date is April 24, 2015 and it will be available in nine countries. Pre-orders begins on April 10th. Consumers will be able to pick up their favorite models at the Apple Store.

Update: According to PC Magazine, this is what they had to say about purchasing the Apple Watch. "Even if you luck out with a walk-in "reservation" for a fitting, you won't be able to walk away with the specific watch you're looking to purchase. You'll still have to place an order online and have it either shipped to you or shipped to an Apple Store, where you'll be able to pick it up yourself."

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