Wednesday, September 17, 2014

See You At The Top Of Google

I rarely talk about books that I have read concerning the Internet on my blog, but I just wanted to mention, "See You At Top Of Google" is a good read. I also think that anyone who's interested in learning how to increase their Google page rank, should take some time to read the book too.

The author Bengt Alvang has been active as a recruitment consultant for over 25 years, and is today owner and CEO of two companies in the human resource/recruitment area, with offices in 8 Swedish cities and employing 15 full time consultants. Marketing services of these companies on the internet through effective search engine optimization has been a vital part of that expansion. Bengt's new book makes learning search engine optimization simply and easy.

Personally, I feel the most important information that Bengt mentions in his book is, "How Do Customers Search On Google?" Bengt also shares his professional advice on learning everything you need to know about homepages, keywords, videos and more to make Google fall in love with you. With all of new modifications that Google has made in 2013 with Panda, Internet marketers are finding it rather challenging trying to keep up. And, they are learning new strategies that can help them get their websites ranked at the top of Google's results pages.

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