Friday, September 12, 2014

Join Bing Rewards and Earn Credits to Get Free Gift Cards and More!

Did you know that you can earn free rewards with Bing? If you like getting Amazon, Starbucks, AppleBee's, Burger King or Sephora gift cards for free (and who doesn’t), then check out Bing Rewards. You can quickly earn credits just by using the search engine, and there is nothing to buy. Simply, sign up using your Facebook or Microsoft Account and start earning credits when you complete the Welcome Tour and explore Bing. Make Silver Status and get a one-time 50 credit bonus. Collect credits to redeem for gift cards, Redbox movie rentals, donations to charity and more. It’s quick, easy and a free way to get rewarded for something you are already doing!

I think this is an excellent program that anyone can join, especially for people that enjoys getting free stuff online. I recently joined Bing Rewards after I learned how easy it is to earn 100 credits per week just searching the Internet. And, I can redeem my credits for things like gift cards, and coupons that are sent directly to my email box. I can also earn extra credits when I make Bing my homepage, try out new features, and explore tips and tricks that the search engine is promoting.

You can also earn credits when you use Bing on your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is search and earn. Also, don't forget to tell your friends and family how they can earn credits and get free stuff from Bing Rewards everyday searching the Internet.

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