Friday, August 1, 2014

Top 10 Photography and Photo-Sharing Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

If you own an iPhone or Android, and you're looking for a photography app that allows you to do things like, edit and share your photos, then check out this best picks list from consumers for 2014. Many of the photography apps are free to use. However, you may have to pay a small fee for some software apps that charges a usage fee. The best places to get free photography apps for iPhone and Android users is from reputable websites that allows you to install mobile apps on your devices. iPhone users can download photography apps onto their phones from the App Store on iTunes. Android users can download photography apps from the Google Play Store.

Apple iPhone Photography Apps

Adobe Photoshop Mix - The cloud-based image editor makes it easy for you to combine, edit and share photos. FREE!

Shadow Puppet - You will have fun making personally narrated video clips using your own photos and the Shadow Puppet iPhone or iPad app. Text a video of silly selfies to your friends, and family. Cost: $1.99

Mosaic - The app helps you to come up with your own photo book using images straight from your phone or tablet. FREE!

CreamCam - You will be able to instantly give yourself a creamy complexion before posting a photo to social media. This photo-ehancing app lets you smooth uneven skin tone, and more. FREE!

ClickBerry Tagger - The app enables you to send images to your friends and family. They will see exactly the objects, people or moments that you want them to see in the videos you upload to Facebook and Twitter. FREE!

Android Photography Apps

Pixlr Express - Like most other tools here, it supports basic editing (crop, resize, rotate, etc) and it sports automatic image correction to fix common problems and make subtle improvements to your shots. FREE!

Adobe Photoshop Touch - The photo editing tool works just like its desktop version. Supports layers, adjustments, filters, selection tools, filter effects, presets, and more. Cost: $5 for Phones and $10 for Tablets.

Photo Editor by Aviary - Is a powerful photo editor that allows you to quickly and easily edit your photos while you are on the go with no fuss. The app's interface includes all the tools that you will need, so you can get right to editing. FREE!

Lightbox - The app comes equipped with a built-in camera. It also includes numerous filters that you can use. The app allows users to edit and upload their photos to their own Lightbox profile and every major social media site on the Internet. FREE!

EyeEm - The app has a host of filters that you can play with, and allows users to to view live feeds and even photos taken near their current location. Users can also share all photos taken from within the app on social media sites. FREE!

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