Thursday, April 17, 2014

Have Your Seen Twitter's #Music New Playlist Page Within Rdio?

Music lovers, Twitter #Music Has A New Playlist Page Within Rdio. It's worth checking out, if you're interested in listening to the latest songs by popular artists from around the world. Twitter recently announced that its new page with Rdio will display 15 different types of music playlists. Including popular song and artists charts. You can visit Rdio's streaming music service at the following url address:

Be sure to log in using your Facebook user account information or your current email address. Then, click on the Twitter-Playlist button to learn more about their Superstars Chart. You can find out which artists is no. 1 on Twitter's music playlist and so on. I highly recommend listening to Twitter's #Music Playlist on Rdio. You should also check out Twitter #Music at: