Friday, March 28, 2014

Want To View the Best Digital Art From Around the World?

If you like 3D illustrations, you can view the best digital art at Moltee Magazine. The digital art gallery website allows you to view beautiful masterpieces of 3D illustrations, digital art and motion videos that talented people have created from around the world. To get started, go to and click on any of the categories that you would like to view. After the web page loads in your browser, you will be able to click on any 3D illustration and view its enlarged size. After I viewed many of the 3D illustrations, I was simply impressed by how realistic and lifelike they were. In fact, I felt inspired by the artists work, because each of the illustrations that I looked at seem to have an amazing story to tell. Since, I enjoy writing short stories, I began to imagine what was taking place in each of the 3D illustrations that I viewed. I also think, any talented fictional writer, could easily produce some fascinating stories from the 3D illustrations on Moltee's website.