Thursday, December 20, 2012

9 Free Productivity Apps for Tech People

Let's face it tech people are very busy. And, they need productivity tools that can help them keep up with their fast pace environment. Serious tech people don't need to be distracted by applications that are boring and just a waste of their time. So, we've listed several excellent productivity applications that tech people will enjoy, because they can use them to stay organized and get their work done faster.

Evernote is promoted as the app that helps you “remember everything.” It’s the top note-taking app out there—and it’s free and easy to use (true competition to Microsoft OneNote). Keep track of anything by simply creating a note and adding whatever you need to remember. You can easily organize your notes and search through your entire account.

Remember The Milk has been around for a long time—long enough to perfect the to-do list. No more sticky notes, whiteboards, or scraps of paper. Remember The Milk has been around since 2005 and manages your tasks in a well-organized app interface that ensures you won’t forget a thing.

Springpad is a note and idea saving app. You can collect thoughts or images in notebooks similar to Evernote—the difference is that Springpad keeps working for you after you create a note. Springpad is integrated with several online search tools, so when you create a note about a book you want to buy, Springpad pulls in relevant information and links like the book’s Wikipedia page or a link to a review.

Dragon Dictation is a great voice transcription app. Speak aloud and Dragon Dictation will transcribe your notes into a simple text file that you can then send through text or email. Add details for your social media profiles and you can send your transcribed message out on Facebook or Twitter too.

Voice Recorder allows you to easily make audio notes. You can take notes on the go or record interviews. The audio files are sent as attachments to the Gmail account you link to the app. Search your audio notes easily by date or title and save yourself some time with this app.

Photoshop Express can clean up your photos and is the best editing program on-the-go app. It can fix flaws, crop and adjust images easy. Get creative by using the app’s advanced filters and features. You can even share your photos on Facebook and Twitter right from the app. app lets you carry around the entirety of the English language in your pocket. Search two million words for definitions and synonyms whenever you need them. The app is straightforward, so you can find whatever information you need quickly. And you won’t need internet access to use’s resources—the app keeps those two million words offline, so you’ll never be without a dictionary.

Wi-Fi Finder is a great little app for the on-the-go techie. Open up the app and immediately find Wi-Fi hotspots near you. You’ll never go over your data plan again. You can filter the hotspots by free vs. paid, and get quick directions to your Wi-Fi destination. The app works both online and offline.

Wikipanion is a wonderful resource app for fact checking and dispute-settling. Streamline your knowledge search when you're looking for Wikipedia articles. You can quickly navigate to the article section that you are looking for. The app also suggests related content based on your searches and current location.