Thursday, November 29, 2012

Download VLC Media Player For Free

If you don't have a VLC multimedia player installed on your computer, you can download VLC Media Player for free. VLC is an open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays all types of multimedia files, including DVDs, Audio CDs, VCD, and streaming protocols. The VLC player has millions of users and is designed to support virtually every type of video and audio file that's on the Internet.

VLC Media Player Has a Lot More Features

The VLC Media Player has a lot more features than other VLC multimedia players like Windows Media Player and Quicktime Player. You will find tons of controls, tweaks and effects on the VLC Media Player. The latest version has the VLC player has the ability to boost sound volume up to 200%. You will be able to adjust controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, playback speed, audio lag compensation, a spatializer, EQ, blur, motion blur, color removal and lighting.

You can also choose a skin for the VLC Media Player. A wide-variety of skins are available for the VLC player that you can download. Or, you can create your own skins. We recommend using the VLC Media Player Skin Editor. Anyone can use the WYSIWYG without having to know the internal structure of VLC's skin files. The skin editor is an excellent tool for designers, because they will be able to create skins faster and easier.

Click here to download VLC Media Player on your computer. If you need help installing the software, be sure to use the troubleshooting guide, and search the forum for answers to your questions.